Empowerment Society 2024-02-28T14:35:07+07:00 Imam Abrori [email protected] Open Journal Systems <p style="text-align: justify;">Empowerment Society was published by Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Widya Gama Lumajang since February 2018. Empowerment Society published scientific articles with the results of community service. Empowerment Society is published twice a year in February and August. Empowerment Society also uses the lockss system to ensure safe and permanent records for journals.</p> Appropriate Technology for Tampar Spinner and Digital Marketing as an Effort to Increase the Sustainability of Slap Rope Craftsmen in Lumajang 2024-02-28T14:35:07+07:00 Selvia Roos Ana [email protected] Fetri Setyo Liyundira [email protected] Danang Wikan Carito [email protected] <p>Application of appropriate e-marketing technology and techniques to maximize sales and income, as well as help coffee MSMEs achieve long-term financial stability and sustainable performance. The strategy for implementing this service includes a participatory approach involving Ndeso Coffee MSME Owners who are actively involved in each stage through Focus Group Discussions. Furthermore, intensive training and mentoring by increasing in-depth knowledge about technology management and online marketing performance analysis. The results of the service, which are realized in the form of training and mentoring, show an increase in the quality of products produced by Ndeso Coffee MSMEs through the application of technology in the form of roasting machines. The impact of this can be seen in increasing taste consistency, production quantities, efficiency and effectiveness of time and energy. In terms of training and e-marketing assistance, Kopi Ndeso MSMEs already have online shop and social media accounts as media for sales, promotion and product branding. The training and mentoring activities carried out have had a positive impact on Ndeso Coffee MSMEs. Through these efforts, MSME Kopi Ndeso is able to develop and improve the quality of their products, utilize technology more effectively, and build a customer network in the digital realm.</p> 2024-02-28T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Selvia Roos Ana , Fetri Setyo Liyundira, Danang Wikan Carito